Project Description

Creating a portfolio overview for a young organization


Industry: Wind Energy
Solution: Microsoft Project Online and Power BI

Creating a portfolio overview for a young organization


Industry: Wind Energy
Solution: Microsoft Project Online and Power BI

About MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

Founded in 2014 with 500 employees, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind is a joint venture between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and Vestas Wind Systems A/S, aiming to create sustainable value through offshore wind power and increasing the power output of wind turbines. This young company has expanded dramatically to currently 3000 employees.

Effective and efficient project management is critical to MHI Vestas as the company constantly conducts many small offshore experiments to test out innovative solutions, each of these experiments is perceived as a small project, and is extremely expensive due to the nature of the wind energy industry. All these high-value, short time spans and high-risk projects are managed by a department called Special Projects.

To manage and track the progress of these small yet extremely important projects, the department needs to have a clear project and portfolio overview. Anne-Sophie Bracht, Associate Project Manager at Special Projects Department, gave us a bit of a background into the department and why they sought to collaborate with Projectum.

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The Challenge

This young department was struggling from the lack of a project and portfolio management tool, and the project managers were challenged by not having proper reporting to support decision-making.

The director of Special Projects, who was also rather new in the role, found it very difficult to keep track of his team capacity and what everybody was working on – it was nearly impossible to keep a record of 30 team members’ capacity without a tool. It was simply too inefficient to go ask every team member what he/she was working on to prepare for his weekly meeting with the CEO.

A project and portfolio management tool with resource management capabilities was the most urgent need of the department.

On top of that, the task handover from other departments was also a challenge, Special Projects was dependent on other departments to streamline information, which could be a daunting process without a clear structure. Excessive meetings hurt the productivity of departments while matters that required urgent actions were overlooked.

“Positive attitude at all times”

Referred by another department that had previously worked with Projectum to implement their Microsoft PPM solution, Special Projects contacted Projectum and addressed their needs of getting a project and portfolio management tool up-and-running, primarily to provide a portfolio overview and Power BI reporting. After the scoping workshops and aligning on the deliverables, Projectum started to implement a Microsoft PPM solution including Power BI reporting that was entirely customized to the needs of the Special Projects department.

We needed to get a solution that provided an overview on who works on what, which was also uniformed across various departments and our organizational direction, yet still customized to our needs. Projectum really understood our needs for a new solution and how they could help us. Everything has been very clear from the very beginning, so it has been a very positive experience.

Anne-Sophie Bracht, MHI Vestas

People from Projectum are very professional and easy-going. They are very confident and have a positive attitude at all times. The consultants are very experienced and give good recommendations. I’ve had a really pleasant experience working with Projectum and I’m very positive and the response has been great. You made everything understandable and very informative.

Anne-Sophie Bracht, MHI Vestas

Getting everyone on-board

The challenge of this project was the involvement if the internal IT department – the project team needed to reconcile with the IT department as they contained the knowledge about the internal infrastructure and which tools the other departments were using. Thus, even though the new solution was catered to the users’ needs, still had to be unified to fit the internal IT requirements.

This didn’t only prove to be a challenge for the initial implementation of the new solution. It also became a valuable learning for both MHI Vestas and Projectum as the initial initial communication between the project department, IT department and Projectum’s delivery team could have been improved. Put simply, both parties underestimated the importance of bringning in the IT department on a much earlier stage then they originally was.

Change Management in process

As this case was written, MHI Vestas has already been using the solution for a while. Projectum consultants have been in an ongoing dialogue with Anne-Sophie and her team to secure their continuous satisfaction with the solution.

Implementation of this PPM solution has improved the structure of the portfolio overview and reporting abilities, which eases the director’s reporting hassle at the weekly meeting with the CEO: Power BI reporting displays real-time data and allows him to simply pull out the portfolio overview and show the resource capacity and allocation easily to the CEO.

If there are any specific projects they are concerned about, anybody with access can review them in the project report with ease. The important thing is that the director trusts the data in the system because it pulls in the real-time data and is updated accurately.

The Impact

This solution is user-friendly, it keeps track of all ongoing projects and planned actions and consolidates all project-related info in one place while maintaining a clear structure of data. Now the solution is in place, the next step is to roll it out to the entire department and get all team members on board with using the tool. The next step is user adoption. Projectum will remain in close dialogue with Anne-Sophie and the Special Projects Department to follow the roll-out of this project.

It is the users’ experience that defines the true success of any IT implementation, it is therefore also Projectum’s optimal goal to make solutions that stand the test of the end-users.

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